Asteroids, Conscience, and Collective Consciousness.According to Richard Tarnas in his book Cosmos and Psyche (, the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto correlated with the emergence of mass consciousness as a powerful force in society. In recent decades, astronomers have discovered a number of smaller bodies with orbits near those of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Might these recently discovered smaller bodies also be bringing something new into our shared history. If so, what might that be? And what effect will it have on the lives of individuals?



Close to Home

Many other things are at work in our personal lives, but morality and ethics form the foundation and framework of our lifestyle. Moral and ethical principles tell us how to achieve our goals without doing harm and disturbing social harmony or drawing negative responses from others?

Generally speaking, there is a moral or ethical principle for virtually nearly every eventuality. In theory, society would function best when all its members follows its shared moral principles.

Society’s Evil Twin

There exists another realm of consciousness, though, mass consciousness. It is the realm of "group psychology," “group dynamics” or "mob psychology."   On the mass level, there appear to be only coarse, fragmentary versions of the moral sensibilities found on the personal level. When we stare into the mass mind, we often seem to see society’s evil twin staring back at us.

The power of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might have made mass consciousness a force to be reckoned with in society, but from the point of view of morality, mass consciousness is still a work in progress.

Certainly, moral sensibility is the stiffened spine of individual consciousness as it must be of mass consciousness. Although that will be a long time coming.

Socializing the Mass Mind?

That, I believe, is where bodies like Nessus and the other asteroids come into the picture. Following is a list of some of the smaller bodies featured in one of my recent statuses on the Saturn Sagittarius ingress ( There are myths associated with the figures these bodies are named after and those myths give some hint of what the influence of those bodies might be.

~ Pholus (1992) appears to govern our ability to respect and uphold community standards in our personal lives.

~ Nessus (1993) appears to me to govern our ability to maintain moral freedom in the face of negative pressure from society and from within one’s self.

~ Chariklo (1997) appears to govern our respect for personal boundaries, including the most subtle, unspoken personal boundaries in even the most delicate situations.

~ Ixion (2001) appears to govern the moral integrity of those in high office.

The myths associated with the figures these bodies are named after seem intended, at least in part, to foster a sense of moral obligation to the other members of a social group. The recent discovery of these bodies, then, suggests that we should be seeing evidence of the evolution of moral sensibility in the mass mind since the discovery of these bodies.

The Age of Aquarius, The Age of the Mass Mind?

Pholus, Nessus and so on, all related to the development of a collective moral sensibility, were all discovered in the 1990s and 2000s. Their discovery did in fact correlate with analogous developments in technology and mass culture.

The idea of political correctness, for example, is to refine the moral sensibility embodied in mass consciousness and, through that, to refine the moral sensibility of the masses (i.e. us). These bodies were discovered in the 1990s. Political correctness became a household term in the 1990’s.

The internet, in development essentially since the 1960s, emerged as a commonly accessible, widely used mass medium in the 1990s. Mass culture and the internet are now thoroughly entwined and massively interactive. Social networking sites like Facebook grew to reflect, at least approximately, the breadth, variety and complexity of the real social world.

A Portal to the Mass Mind

Mass consciousness was no longer this vast, inaccessible space. It no longer seemed like such an unmanageable, unpredictable force in human affairs. The internet gave us a handle on mass consciousness.

Through the internet, we began to explore and reshape mass consciousness and, through mass consciousness, reshape and uplift society. And that is what we should expect to see if the discovery of bodies like Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo and Ixion were, in fact, related to the moral evolution of mass consciousness.

We began to see efforts to establish a respect for boundaries on social network sites (à la Chariklo). We began using the internet to impose higher values on elected officials and other public figures (Ixion).

Examples of the kind of thing just mentioned are legion. And that is, as I said, what we might expect to see if the discovery of bodies like Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo and Ixion were, in fact, related to the evolution of mass consciousness.

The discovery of bodies like Nessus and Ixion also seems to imply that our moral sensibility is being altered. The implication is that these bodies will cause us to respond to moral issues in mass consciousness as deeply and strongly as we often respond to moral issues in our personal lives.

We would feel collective morality as if it were an extension of our personal morality, and vice versa. The moral wrongs of the world will no longer go unnoticed or feel unconnected to us.

Increasingly, apathy and complacency will no longer seem like an option to people. Over time, this enhanced and expanded moral sensibility will lead to widespread and radical reform.

The Hard Part

Our moral sensibility involves moral intuitive insight - conscience - and practical, worldly knowledge. Everything we know and sense comes into play.

But conscience is also essentially a psychosomatic phenomenon. Our response to moral issues runs deep. It overflows the distinction between mind and body.

It is almost instantaneous and all but reflexive. Our responses to moral issues are second nature. We wear our moral and ethical values like a second skin.

Conscience, then, has roots deep in our being. Moral issues affect us consciously and unconsciously, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Many of the so-called blocks that we struggle with are essentially moral in nature and origin. Many of our buried wounds are the result of moral wrongs committed against us or moral dilemmas we have not resolved. Repressed shame and guilt are also essentially moral in nature.

Any event that seriously affects our moral sensibility can bring these uncomfortable, even painful, thoughts and feelings to the surface. That can force us to interrupt or change our lives and do whatever it takes to process them effectively. 

Maintaining our psychological equilibrium will probably be more difficult as we become more sensitive to moral issues at the level of collective consciousness. In fact, it might be our growing sensitivity to such issues in mass consciousness that has caused so many to experience such powerful and difficult releases in recent months.

I have not made a systematic study of the matter, but it is my recollection that these smaller bodies have been playing an ever more prominent role in recent astrological charts. They certainly are playing an important role in the Saturn Sagittarius ingress chart ( that recently went into effect. See my status for December 31 (, also.


I have basically argued that the discovery of the asteroids with orbits similar to those of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto correlates with the development of the internet and efforts to infuse mass consciousness with a more refined moral sensibility, among other things.

The effect of these bodies will also put a strain on individuals as they adjust to the increased demands on their nervous systems made by a heightened sensitivity and responsiveness to moral issues circulating through mass consciousness.

Many of us are playing catch up. But eventually, we will get caught up and we will enjoy the benefits of an enhanced moral sensibility in society without suffering those difficult releases.


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