MeditationIn need of peace and tranquillity. Meditation helps a lot here. Many Lightworkers meditate to completely zen touch. Please find here a nice review of articles that you here at help.

Humans have an innate connection with the Earth. We are born with an invisible umbilical cord that bonds us with the ground beneath our feet. As we grow and get caught up within ourselves we lose that connection. For most the connection is not actually lost, but has been ignored or forcibly severed in our ego. None of this changes the link we have with the Earth and the other beings that live on the surface in one way or another. One of the most powerful sibling occupants are the trees that rise above the surface and have roots that dig deep into the ground beneath.

Meditation is an effortlessness effort to relax in the moment with thoughtlessness awareness. It is just focus on the awareness of breath. It does not matter how many times you disconnect with breath, but keep coming back on the breath is my practice. A moment comes when the breath will seem to have disappeared, another moment comes when the body seems to have disappeared and thoughts have also disappeared as well. What will remain when everything has disappeared? That which remains is meditation. "Only consciousness awareness remains” Let the thoughts come in & go out because it is not your thoughts, just observe them as it is.