LightworkersIf you are busy with lovingly to shine your light to yourself and your surroundings then you're a lightworker. You're helping yourself and your fellow man and reaches the highest vibration of love.

The veil is lifted for everyone at the time which is perfect for them.  Will there be a time when it lifts for everyone at the same time?  Perhaps. Prepare yourself and imagine how you will react.  It will be so exciting.  But if it happens before any mass unveiling prepare yourself for a different result than you expected.  “Why won’t it be like I expect?” Do you remember what it was like when you were old enough to know the truth about Santa Claus?  Did you run around and tell all the other kids?  Well, yes, some did, but it was preferred that you “bigger kids” kept that secret so the younger ones would still be surprised and feel the magic of Christmas on Christmas morning.  So it is similar now.

For many upon planet earth the words “I love you” are words that have been defined.  I recently completed an interview where I was asked to “define” my work, my response always one of not being able to define. Definition is a tool of the old 3d earth paradigms.  For many of you at this time the chaos that now unfolds within your waking outer reality will begin to trigger you. You may find yourself at odds with those whom you share your personal life and your outer waking life in general. This blog is written to help you understand that love is not the same frequency as LOVE and anchoring the one that has a definition may see you struggle to move out of the patterns that you are seeking desperately to dissolve. 

Many on Earth are feeling very unsettled because it seems that what they had been hoping and praying for peace, harmony, freedom, and abundance for all; a state of Love to embrace all of humanity – is just a chimera, an unachievable hope in a world gone mad.  Well, the world has been mad for eons, and slowly, over all that time, the prayers and intentions of many holy ones has been bringing about an amazing change, a move from a state of insane, fearful, and destructive rage back towards Love, your eternal God-given state.

Dear Ones, Your DNA is expanding, your cells are changing and your physical body is adjusting to the new being you are creating. But perhaps there are pieces you have not known or understood. As your cells reformulate, your appearance may shift and you will gravitate to different people, foods, habitats and living conditions. You are hoping for a more youthful look and so it will be. Those of you wanting to live within the new earth will perhaps (your choice) extend your natural earth life. It is now fairly common for humans to live to 100 years-of-age. Something almost unheard of a generation or two ago.