LightworkersIf you are busy with lovingly to shine your light to yourself and your surroundings then you're a lightworker. You're helping yourself and your fellow man and reaches the highest vibration of love.

Events over the past few linear days have in many ways illuminated something very clearly for me that I have been taught under the old 3d earth paradigms to ignore and to filter out over and over again. I have written many blogs on the subject of creating within the New Earth and in particular on becoming more conscious of the frequencies that are used in order to manifest that which is within the HEART SPACE. Under the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT over and over again to give over your power to those around you.

Your awakening is divinely assured and therefore inevitable.  Many of you believe that the planned date for this momentous event has slipped, and slipped, and slipped!  I have to remind you that time is part of the illusion, and that nothing has slipped.  The illusion’s existence was but momentary, however, humanity has attached such a strong belief to it, and to the time-line that it apparently offers as real, that it does seem that you have been waiting interminably for your moment of awakening to arrive and uplift you into eternal joy.

Let us delve a little bit further into the nature of change, for that is what this process is all about. Change is a part of the natural cycle of All there is, for as you know well by now, there are no constants, as everything is in a constant flux, from one state of being and into another. The variables are many of course, as this process from becoming to being to destruction and back into becoming again comes in all shapes and forms, so what you are going through now, is simply a brand new variation of change, one that mankind is a newcomer to.

Beloved friends, The messages I  receive, tend to be silent transmissions of a truly timeless and motionless Divine Reality. To put the Ecstatic Paradox into words of time is almost impossible. Still I try. Enjoy!  WE ARE FROM THE DOMAIN OF FIRE AND LIGHT, OF ALL SOULS AND THE SACRED DIVINE CORE  ESSENCE IN THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY.  Dear Ones! Can you feel our Presence, as we are embracing the atmosphere of your planet, now every day more translucent to light?

There are numerous articles and books written about “manifestation”, the various techniques and the various ways that YOU can work to manifest everything from a partner to a million pounds in your life and the old 3d earth pushes these constantly.  How many of you reading this blog have read these books, tried the exercises and ended up MORE frustrated than before you read them?  This is a deliberate construct of the old 3d earth paradigms, created in order to further contain and suppress you.

Greetings dear ones. I greet you from an entirely different perspective today. For you are approaching a more complete merging with your Higher Selves and with your monad, and so the vibration from which I communicate is higher and more conducive to your new level of understanding. And the perspective is beautiful, as you can see. You have reached an entirely new playing field and so it is taking you a little adjustment to integrate and accommodate this new perspective. And it is entirely your own doing, for your intent has been for the most part to accept these loving intense energies of late and absorb them and allow them to build your Light Bodies further.

Love Is The Key Which Will Open All Doors

As many of you have noticed, the pace of disturbance has reached fever pitch in many, and rightly so, as from this day forward, there will be no holds barred. This may sound discouraging and even fearsome to some, but trust us when we say that you will not suffer unduly. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that you are not here to suffer, dear ones, you are here to conquer, and as such, the trials and travails you may encounter on your way are merely to help you to do just that. And when we say conquer, it is not in the old meaning of the word, for this is not about achieving an elevated status at the cost of others.