As I have blogged continually in relation to the New Earth,  YOU are creating from moment to moment. For many of you the incidence of what is commonly referred to as “synchronicity” and even “deja vu” may be reaching record levels in your outer waking life experience. As I have also blogged  there is also no such thing as “synchronicity” in TRUTH for the universe is created by DESIGN, the synchronicity you experience is merely the 3d overlay to help you understand that you are aware of the design and that you are in alignment with the design of the universe.

That is not to say that life in the New Earth is predestined, the whole point of dissolving the karmic dimensional timelines is to live in FREEDOM, something denied to you at all levels within the karmic dimensional timelines. You would have choice but only within a certain parameter of frequency and you would experience similar losses and trauma over and over again.

In the New Earth YOU create each moment, you dream, you create and then manifest. In order to help you at a human conscious waking mind level anchor your creation and align fully with it the universe and your SOUL work to help you SEE that which is hidden in plain view. This is done by the signs and symbols that appear in your outer waking reality.  It is a CHOICE whether to accept them or to write them off. The universe and indeed your SOUL can provide the symbols that you require to confirm all that is unfolding but only YOU at a conscious waking mind level can accept what you are shown.

For many of you at this time the incidence of the same REPETITIVE symbols and signs will now be pushing you beyond accepting “synchronicity”.  As you begin to work with higher and higher dimensional frequencies then you will begin to work in flow with ALL in the universe. You may have dreamtime scenarios that are replayed in your waking life, you may find that you are given detailed information about people, places or events and then they appear in your waking life. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

To be able to work at this level will increase and expand your energy signature also for you then step out of the old 3d earth paradigms which cannot work at this level. The old 3d earth works to a certain bandwidth and anything beyond this cannot be affected by it which is why many of you at this time in SOUL groups are working telepathically. The incidence of people coming into your life for a purpose will increase as you begin to attune to the New Earth for the New Earth is a construct of ALL, that is EXPANSION and UNITY, it is not founded on fear and separation.  This is something that may take a little getting used to a human conscious waking mind level.  I get many emails from people all over the world, many of them apologise for contacting me as they are not fully aware of why only that they have a need to and that need has continued to grow.  I am fully aware of how the world works and often it is confirmation of other information that I am working with.  To begin with I had to work to anchor this way of working, many people in my life at that time tried to tell me it was just co-incidence, I KNOW that it is beyond this.  Whilst technology is great and a great way of keeping in touch with people it is not the ONLY way and events and situations in my life have repeatedly confirmed this to me. Those who are here to be with one another, to live and create together do not need technology in order to bring this into form, the universe is by DESIGN.

The work done in dreamtime and on the various higher dimensional realities will create the necessary overlays for people to meet, events to take place and the New Earth to be brought into the physical realm and expanded.  At this time the universe asks for you to become more consciously aware of ALL that is in your outer waking reality at this time, from people, places and situations to the signs and symbols that blended with the KNOWing within the heart space will show you TRUTH.