It may seem a very obvious behaviour but manipulation is a tool of the old 3d earth, many in your waking human life experience may be trying to exert some sort of manipulation in order to keep you within the LOOP of the old 3d earth energetic frequencies. For within the old 3d earth the human race was TAUGHT to behave in certain ways in order to get their “needs met”. This is highly distorted and the New Earth frequencies are running extremely high at this time in order to ILLUMINATE that which needs to be dissolved.

Manipulation is a teaching that is ingrained within the human race, it runs throughout ALL of human society and I would guide you to process this blog through the heart space for your human logical mind may try to filter out or deny that manipulation is part of your human life experience.

Manipulation can be defined as emotional pressure, it is trying to alter the behaviour or another or the outcome of a situation by exerting an emotional INFLUENCE over the person(s) involved.  This is born out of the lower dimensional frequency of fear, for if you are in “fear” of “losing” or “not getting” something then you will bend to the pressure that is being exerted, it may be that you are the one doing the manipulation, trying to affect the outcome based on getting your “needs met”.  This topic is a minefield for the human logical mind because the human logical mind LOVES PUZZLES. It loves challenge and it loves tactics. You have been TRAINED your entire human existence to default to this way of behaving and it starts from when you were a little child.  In order to get their needs met children will adopt various behaviours and how these behaviours are dealt with will determine how you use them with those around you.

Visualise the “terrible twos”, this is the age that a child is dealing with a range of emotions and will look to the adults around them to work out how best to “get their needs met”.  Depending on the emotional reaction of the parent at the time the child will either learn not to use the behaviour or it will REINFORCE said behaviour.  This behaviour is used in ever part of human society and runs silently and hardly ever challenged at any level.  You only need to look at the advertising industry,  ALL advertising is fear based, it plays on your “fear of not being………..” fill in the blanks. Products are sold to you under the manipulation of “need”.  Advertising is used everywhere and every “trick in the book” is used, from colour schemes to negative space. Any of you who have ever studied marketing or advertising will be aware of the way in which stores are laid out, all manipulation, all geared to make you buy based on FEAR.

This is a lower dimensional frequency and is NOT TRUTH and therefore cannot be taken into the New Earth.  At a frequency level it is very easy to FEEL manipulation, the lower frequency being felt as a sort of “something not quite right”, that does not sit well with you, the FEELing may well appear before you can actually SEE what is happening and it is vital that at this time you become more consciously aware and begin to understand that the old 3d earth will use ALL tools at its disposal including those who are in human form.  YOUr SOUL is guiding this journey at all times and it will place people, events and situations in front of you in order for you to dissolve this frequency.

I am not stating that those around you in human form are even aware of the behaviours they are choosing to use, for many of them it is done unconsciously and subconsciously, their need to feel “safe” and “secure” drives these behaviours but that does not make them TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS. To have FAITH and TRUST in SELF is to KNOW at a heart level that ALL is perfect and that ALL JUST IS. To bend to a situation for “fear” of an outcome not appearing is to walk in distortion and many of you may be at this point in your journey at this time.

The old 3d earth trying to teach that in order to get your “outcome” you must control, manipulate and steer the direction of your path in order to reach said outcome. This is not TRUTH, as I have guided previously this universe is not random it is by DESIGN, as you CREATE in TRUTH then you will MANIFEST in TRUTH and the manifestation is the miracle, the old 3d earth trying to teach that you must have a detailed plan of action. This is NOT TRUTH and disturbs the natural flow of energy that flows through, within and around you.  You cannot PLAN for a miracle, a miracle is the birth of your dream in TRUTH and it must be allowed to FLOW, only in ALLOWING the FLOW can you SHOW TRUTH to your human SELF.  Planning works AGAINST the flow of the LOVE that IS and this is at total odds with what you have been TAUGHT to anchor within the old 3d earth paradigms.

Many years ago I worked for a large corporation which ran various “programmes” for their staff.  I have sat in many training seminars where those attending are TAUGHT to identify a goal and to then work backwards to work out the steps that they need to take in order to reach said goal. This is based on TOTAL LOGIC and does not allow for the natural flow of universal energies. ALL is energy in the universe and yet this is filtered out by the logical human mind which cannot “see” the energies therefore discounts said energies and defaults to that which appears to be “solid”.

At this time upon and within planet earth the New Earth is flourishing but it can only be FELT, it can only be anchored by FEELing and many are in distortion, demanding proof that anything has changed whilst filtering out that the human life experience is PERSONAL, if they cannot FEEL the change then they are remaining in their logical minds and defaulting to the logical mind at all times. This is how the old 3d earth was CREATED and it is containing, ironically it is only by letting go of logic that the New Earth can be embraced and various teachings have been anchored within the human race that APPEAR to show that letting go of logic is akin to suicide.  This is NOT TRUTH and at ALL times YOUr SOUL supports your movement into the HEART space and into TRUTH.

The human logical mind at this time may be trying to teach that you to let go is to sit and do nothing, it may try to teach that BEing is simply sitting crossed legged on the floor chanting and this is also NOT TRUTH. To BE is to be in flow, to interact and react with all that is presented to you by the universe whilst holding your balance within the HEART space, it is looking beneath the 3d overlay to FEEL what is actually trying to unfold and then making a CONSCIOUS decision of whether to EMOTIONALLY interact with the energies that are presenting themselves to you.  THIS is how the universe is designed, all else flows from this. Money is a MANIFESTATION of an emotional reaction, it is NOT the other way around and the old 3d earth was DESIGNED and CREATED to teach you to believe the opposite. This allowed for great fear and great anxiety to be anchored over and over again, the very “food” that was needed for these energies to survive.

At this time upon and within planet earth there are various realities that can be interacted WITH and it is vital that you begin to make CONSCIOUS choices, if you CHOOSE to interact with a reality then you will FEED that reality. Energy FLOWS where ATTENTION goes. So if you wish to interact with a reality in which the human race is in some sort of battle of dark and light then you can CHOOSE to interact with this but know that you as you interact with this you GIVE LIFE to this. If you wish to CHOOSE to interact with the BIRTH of your DREAM then you will GIVE LIFE to this. The CHOICE is ALWAYS YOURS, this was always hidden within the old 3d earth CREATED reality for you were only ever shown HALF the picture,  choice is only choice if it is something that can be made a conscious waking mind level with ALL the information that you need in order to make said choice.

The New Earth energies are working at ALL times to help you illuminate that which has sought to contain and suppress you in this your human form upon this planet, it is never EXTERNAL, that is it is not something that is done TO you, it is something that has been anchored WITHIN YOU. To dissolve the frequency gives you freedom to CHOOSE again based on a higher dimensional frequency. The ascension process is a PROCESS, it is journey out of the lower dimensional frequencies that you were TAUGHT to anchor and TAUGHT were ALL that you could anchor. Working WITH the experiences that now appear in your outer waking reality will work to help release you from that which you have CREATED believing you had no other choice. This is NOT TRUTH and YOUr SOUL is now trying to SHOW YOU this at a physical waking reality level.

ALL is not as it appears on this planet at this time. I would ask you to step back emotionally from everything that is trying to manifest around you and to FEEL TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS and TRUTH is supported by the New Earth, ALL that is TRUTH will now strengthen, all that is NOT will begin to dissolve but you must ACTIVELY dissolve it from within the cellular structure of your human vehicle in order to detach fully from the frequencies.

For further information please visit the websites,  for help dissolving these frequencies please see the services that I am offering at this time.  CHOICE is FREEDOM and is your BIRTHRIGHT as a sentient BEing in the UNIVERSE of 3.


Source: truthcodes