On the seventh day of the turning moon, an extraordinary deity shall visit the land of Israel, the land of IS-RA-EL, where her children dwell, the children that she has brought forth from the ruins of the interplanetary galaxy. The deity in question is the Maria of the southern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere of the magic of light, and love, the unconditional deity of the node that precedes the winter/summer equinox, and the Solstice experience. For the Solstice experience is the one that Is-Ra-El-ites have been waiting for, for over 4672 years.

And so, finally it is to occur before their very eyes, the deity in question will bring forth the necessary alignment with the hearts of all the Is-Ra-El-ites dwelling not only in the lands of Is-Ra-El, but throughout the whole known galaxy. And once such an alignment occurs the heart codes implanted therein shall activate the portal necessary to bring back the light and love and eternal bliss that has been encoded into the DNA structure of every single being know to date. That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.


Source: sacredascensionmerkaba