LightworkersIf you are busy with lovingly to shine your light to yourself and your surroundings then you're a lightworker. You're helping yourself and your fellow man and reaches the highest vibration of love.

Beloved Ones, Now is the perfect time to do nice things for yourselves, for you are each most worthy of them! Take a break from your routine and do something different, for this helps to bring refreshment and renewal to the soul. For those who have come here to serve, this is often difficult, as taking care of one’s self is the last thing on one’s agenda. It is however, one of the new habits that should be developed. When an individual gives love to their selves first, love given to others comes easily and flows unhindered from an unfettered soul.

As I have blogged continually in relation to the New Earth,  YOU are creating from moment to moment. For many of you the incidence of what is commonly referred to as “synchronicity” and even “deja vu” may be reaching record levels in your outer waking life experience. As I have also blogged  there is also no such thing as “synchronicity” in TRUTH for the universe is created by DESIGN, the synchronicity you experience is merely the 3d overlay to help you understand that you are aware of the design and that you are in alignment with the design of the universe.


There is a stirring within humanity. An awakening is occurring across the planet, and even the Earth is in the midst of an initiation into a higher consciousness. On some days, you likely feel the shifting of energy at very deep cellular levels. As part of that, you may notice a subtle remembering that there are more pieces to the puzzle of existence. When you get in touch with this, you may begin to question your teachers, politicians, religious leaders, and other authority figures. Chances are, you have more frequent questions about who you are, what you are really doing here, and what your role is on your path of light.

Saint Germain

Greetings beloved ones, The new Era of your time on the Earthly plane has come to be here in the Now and as we transcend the old paradigm, which was created by all of you, by all of us existing from creation, Earth shall pass its boundaries of comfort to be enabled to give birth to all. As the new you arises through the consciousness embodiment of what you form now, there shall be a new plane birthed on your plane which you call the Earth.

On the seventh day of the turning moon, an extraordinary deity shall visit the land of Israel, the land of IS-RA-EL, where her children dwell, the children that she has brought forth from the ruins of the interplanetary galaxy. The deity in question is the Maria of the southern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere of the magic of light, and love, the unconditional deity of the node that precedes the winter/summer equinox, and the Solstice experience. For the Solstice experience is the one that Is-Ra-El-ites have been waiting for, for over 4672 years.

It may seem a very obvious behaviour but manipulation is a tool of the old 3d earth, many in your waking human life experience may be trying to exert some sort of manipulation in order to keep you within the LOOP of the old 3d earth energetic frequencies. For within the old 3d earth the human race was TAUGHT to behave in certain ways in order to get their “needs met”. This is highly distorted and the New Earth frequencies are running extremely high at this time in order to ILLUMINATE that which needs to be dissolved.

We are very rapidly approaching the moment for which you have all been praying while strongly holding the intent to bring it about, and your prayers and intent have been and continue to be extremely powerful.  You will not be disappointed. God has promised and He always delivers.  Many of you are feeling the stress of waiting very intensely, and it is causing you anxiety.  Therefore you need to relax daily into your quiet inner space and allow your guides, mentors, and guardian angels to talk to you, and uplift you and inspire you as they embrace you in a loving hug.