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The story line: While attending a climate seminar in Southern France, a Dutch plant-scientist comes in contact with a “soulmate”, who lived there in the past. She invites him to go with her, back in time, to Occitan, 1145. To discover her world; a world where people believe in the truth…  Once you start reading, you can’t put it down! Claudia Ravn, the American editor of The Night the Stars Danced, wrote about the book:’The story has a multi faceted and multi level series of ideas flowing together.

Once, all life in the universe knew the Flower of Life as the creation pattern -- the geometrical design leading us into and out of physical existence. Then from a very high state of consciousness, we fell into darkness and forgot who we were. For thousands of years, the secret was held in ancient artifacts and carvings around the world and encoded in the cells of all life. Now we are rising up from that sleep, shaking old, stale beliefs from our minds and glimpsing the golden light of this new dawn streaming through the windows of perception. This book is one of those windows.

Life Mastery: Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live it

This extraordinary guide for living an authentic life was developed from channeled messages from the Archangelic Realm of Michael. It is a perfect forum for investigating the meaning of your life and for answering the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? This brilliant, divinely inspired program will equip you to create the life you want and the courage to live it for the rest of your life.

The Synchronicity Key The Source Field Investigations was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller that uncovered hidden science and lost prophecies to illuminate an entirely new understanding of our world today. In his new book, The Synchronicity Key, David Wilcock embarks on an astonishing investigation into what lies beyond this new understanding of how our universe works ? finding proof that ... Full description

A stunning synthesis of hidden science and lost prophecies, The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations exposes many great secrets: DNA transformation, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, scared geometry, ancient conspiracies, multidimensional time, the Maya calendar and a stunning new model of galactic energy fields triggering mental, biological and spiritual evolution. The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations is a guided tour through the most incredible scientific mysteries in the modern world and a rediscovery of an ancient system of physics and spirituality that has since crumbled almost entirely into ruin.

Few published writers over the past 25 years can claim to be in the same league as UK researcher Timothy Good when it comes to the credible academic study of the UFO subject. From his 1987 best-seller `Above Top Secret' through half a dozen subsequent mainstream/hardcover publications, he has impressed both the idle curious and the committed sceptic to take this subject seriously by his meticulous research methodology, interview transcripts with high-level military/political contacts, and reliance on official published documents attesting to the reality of these phenomena.

Awake-up call to wonder, an adventure in ideas."Larry Dossey,M.D., author of Space, Time & Medicine Now witha new foreword by Lynn McTaggart, author of TheField, Michael Talbot’s classic treatise on the latest frontiers of physicsreveals a revolutionary theory of reality, explaining the paranormal abilitiesof the mind, the unsolved riddles of brain and body, and the true nature of theuniverse. Lyall Watson, author of Supernature,calls The Holographic Universe “elegant,” writing, “[Talbot] helps tobridge the artificial gap that has opened up between mind and matter, betweenus and the rest of the cosmos.”