A Russian scientist and his team claim to have created a device that only photographs plant and human energy fields. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov appears in this video titled "Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 2nd part" explaining about his technological advances, which are generating a new understanding of reality. Called the GDV, the device photographs the auras of living things. According to Korotkov, the camera’s operation is based on the stimulation of very weak photon and electron emissions from the body. “It operates on the quantum level, and thus it can tell us about the quantum field of a human or a plant, and its biological functions,” says the scientist in an interview presented in the video.


“The quantum level is very sensitive to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activity.” Some of the benefits of the GDV is the ability to do real-time measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer, helping to determine which treatment is the most appropriate for the client. During the time he explains about the device (how it works and its development), he says that development is related to Higher Spirit.

“We feel no concern about little topics like money, or how to do this or that, because we need only concentrate, send our prayers to higher planes, to Higher Spirit, and then see how everything comes out.” On the other hand of the scientific use of the camera, the author of the video shows supposed device’s pictures of the auras of the living beings - human and plants. With a clear intention of showing the beauty of the creation of God through this High-Tech device, the video leaves a wonderful message to the viewers.

“God reveals Himself in nature, in everything that is around us. Mostly, He reveals himself in our Earth – every plant, every flower of our world is a part of God’s divine power and God’s supreme force.” “Intercommunication between humans and plants is an inevitable part of God’s Divine Plan.”



Source: christianpost.