A Russian scientist and his team claim to have created a device that only photographs plant and human energy fields. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov appears in this video titled "Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 2nd part" explaining about his technological advances, which are generating a new understanding of reality. Called the GDV, the device photographs the auras of living things. According to Korotkov, the camera’s operation is based on the stimulation of very weak photon and electron emissions from the body. “It operates on the quantum level, and thus it can tell us about the quantum field of a human or a plant, and its biological functions,” says the scientist in an interview presented in the video.

One woman is under water and without oxygen for 30 minutes after a kayaking accident. Another has end-stage cancer. A teenage boy suffers heart failure. On the brink of death, all three tell stories of leaving their bodies, going to heaven and coming back. For each, their story raises questions: Is heaven real? What does it feel like to die? And for each, their answer -- airing Sunday on CNN's "To Heaven and Back" -- will be grounded in their experience. These are their accounts:

MYSTERIOUS stringy filaments seen falling from the sky have mystified residents and authorities in the Drôme and Ardèche. Reports of the fibres were first raised on Thursday, but no one has yet been able to identify what they are giving rise to theories that they are the by-product of plane exhausts. Some website are already speculating that the fibres are proof behind a conspiracy theory that “chemtrail”, contrails from planes that take a long time to disperse, are deliberately injecting chemicals into the atmosphere to spread disease and kill the sick and infirm.

Quantum physics has already shed some light on the role of consciousness and reality. There are multitudes of studies and phenomenon that also show how they are intertwined, and one of them is called psychokinesis. One (of many) areas of psychic research is Psychokinesis, also know as PK. This encompasses the possible influence of human consciousness on the behavior of physical or biological systems or processes, and comprises several loosely related classes of effect characterized by different scales of energy, forms of manifestation, replicability, and statistical behavior.(1) It’s the ability of consciousness to have a direct effect on our physical material world.