Two crop circles have appeared near the town of Ipuaçu in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Local UFO researchers are convinced they are not man-made and have put up a $20,000 reward for anyone who can prove they faked them. A report and the above video were sent to us by A.J. Gevaerd, founder of Brazil’s UFO Magazine. The first crop circle was seen by a local resident at approximately 7 am on November 2. Although, another resident that walks her dogs at 6 am every day, says she did not notice anything unusual in the field that morning. This leads investigators to believe the circle was created sometime between 6 am and 7 am.

The second crop circle was found soon after, and is believed to have been made at the same time.Both circles measure 54.06 meters, or about 177 feet in diameter. The first circle, found about a half mile from town, has a secondary circle that measures 20.4 meters, or about 67 feet across. The second circle was found about 2 miles from town.A report on the circles by professor Antonio Inajar Kurowski of the Criminology Institute of Paraná concludes that humans were most likely not involved with the circles’ creation, but that they are indeed created by an intelligent force.

The professor’s report and the mysterious nature of the circles have prompted Gevaerd to answer critics by announcing that his UFO Magazine will post a $20,000 reward for anyone who can prove they created the crop circles by reproducing the spiral figure in the exact same dimensions and characteristics.  The reward is to be paid out in U.S. dollars.

He says the faked crop circles take hours to make, and given the testimony of the locals from the morning of November 2, he is convinced the circle was made within an hour. He also says the fake circles are not as precise.

He notes that in 2008 an attempt to fake a crop circle was made in the town of Xanxerê, also in the state of Santa Catarina. In that case, the hoaxers left a shovel in the circle and the wheat stems were broken and scattered haphazardly.

Gevaerd has also invited one of the top critics of the crop circles, professor of astronomy Adolfo Neto Stotz, to a public debate. Gevaerd says, “This is the most shocking example of a lack of scientific spirit by a person who says he is a scientist. The professor practices a pseudoscience refuting a priori something he does not know, does not understand, and has not studied. ”

Investigation of the crop circles is ongoing, and Gevaerd says they plan to have a complete report in the next issue of the Brazilian UFO Magazine.