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(Collective Evolution | Arjun Walia) Over the past few decades a significant and noteworthy amount of scientific research has emerged, contributing to the notion that human precognition could very well be real, and that we all might possess this potential - amongst various other extended human capacities. Thanks to the research by various scientists presented in this article, extended human capacities are beginning to exit the realm of superstitious thinking, delusion and irrationality, and find their way into the world of confirmed phenomena. Claims of precognition or 'future telling' have occurred “throughout human history in virtually every culture and period.” (source)

Brain to Brain

Fascinating new research has come out of the University of Washington, as they have successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection between multiple pairs of people in a scientific study, to follow-up the teams initial demonstration last year. The study involved six people who were engaged with each other in pairs from different areas of campus. Researchers sent signals from one person’s brain over the internet to another person, in an attempt to control the other’s hand motions with thought.

The fact is, everyone dreams! Researchers have found that most people dream several times each night and each dream last about 5 – 90 minutes even though some dreams seem like they last all night. Some of us dream in black and white and some in color. We can control our dreams, remember or forget our dreams and as I am going to discuss today, we can learn a heck of  a lot from our dreams. [1]

 Mindfulness is the ability to see the things as they really are and it sees the deep & true nature of all phenomenons, whatever is taking place into this moment without any prejudice & judgement. It is just the witness or watchfulness or observation of thoughts. It sees the things deeply, down below the level of concepts and opinions. This sort of deep observation leads to a complete absence of confusion, the real nature of things, and awareness with reality. If you want to remain mindful, you can just focus on the sensation of awareness of breath into this moment. For example, when you hear that the phone is ringing, you go & pick the phone immediately by bringing your attention into the present moment and stay focused on your breath.