ASEA contains billions of molecules with stable and perfectly balanced redox signals in a pure saline. These are the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body. Redox signals are a core function for all life on the planet. Molecules with redox signals are created in every cell of the body and are vital to the immune system and the mechanism for cellular healing.

The body also needs the necessary care is the most important part of the soul here on Earth. Here you can read all kinds of articles about disease, diet and movements one can heal naturally.


HerbsHerbs, completely healthy and from nature. Here you can read articles about beautiful people, who are themselves cured with certain herbs. Or where certain kind of herb good for. Please feel free to look around, and read what our beautiful Mother Earth has to offer.

MedicalPlease find here a nice overview of different articles, that show how bad vaccinations and other unhealthy products. Affect our lives and our more physical damage than good.

Please find here some very nice articles to help you with. example. Emotions, Psychology, .... How, for example, you live to throw in a positive direction. Difficulties with communication? you find it here under the heading. Have a look.

Healthy dietYour health, the most important of all your life here on Earth. Here Gets a nice overview of different vegetables, herbs and products, that are good for your healthy body. So that one does not get sick.