Papagoiet is a very rare mineral on copper base with a rich blue color that occurs in quartz crystals from Messina, South Africa. Just like my Ajoiet from this is there currently no new crystals found anymore. Papagoiet activates and clears the chakras of the throat, the third eye and Crown chakras. It helps you to speak with love and clarity. Placed on the third eye you can experience a rapid improvement of your consciousness with a huge joy and serenity permeates your whole Auric field. You feel very and bigger than in normal consciousness.

It may feel like you are in paradise. Just as Ajoiet put the negative energy into positive, but Papagoiet seems even sorrow into happiness. It also enhances the band in a relationship. Papagoiet activates your psychic ability and facilitates activities such as travel outside the body. It makes more intuitive, open your crown chakra and connects this with the upper etheric chakras. This Crystal facilitates access to previous or parallel lives and the communication with angelic guides. It helps build your MerKaBavoertuig of light, through which you can experience unit with everything Is one-is this experience. as concrete that you feel compassion with others and with yourself. The feeling of ' us against them ' disappears and it is possible to truly love. You become more strongly aware of the beauty of all that Is good for the throat, the brain, eyes and muscles, also good for the digestive system and in pain. You can use it also as Elixir.