This rare stone from Peru is a beautiful soft stone. If you are wearing it feels that if a caress of powerful beings that is best for your needs. This powerful stone looks very much like merliniet. Use it to visit the Incas and ancient cultures in Mesoamerica, it is a stone that the wisdom of shamans shamans, alchemists and magicians. He gives access to multi dimensions and helps you to travel between the worlds. It is a stone of balance which creates harmony and balance between yin and yang, consciously and unconsciously, intellect and intuition. It brings the divine feminine and masculine together and mixes spiritual and earthly vibrations.

If you're involved in sacrifices or cultural turmoil than offers the stone healing and the longer he-the memories. Machu Picchu-stone heals the soul as the opposite of the physical body. The stone also helps you when releasing oppressive ideas, he will make you smoothly on situations. He brings your vision and your heart he ingrained behavior patterns together, also helps in the essential blueprint to her programming. Stone of karmic healing. He is strong in the emotional area and is also very good at family karma, which often complaints of water management and the lymph. He cleans up the emotional low, but also makes connection with your spiritual heart and third eye. He can help the nervous system to an inflow of higher vibrations.