Gemstones M to P



Gemstones, beautiful stone and crystals that mother Earth lets us discover. These help us to consciousness and health. Here you will find gemstones that begin with the letter M to P.

This rare stone from Peru is a beautiful soft stone. If you are wearing it feels that if a caress of powerful beings that is best for your needs. This powerful stone looks very much like merliniet. Use it to visit the Incas and ancient cultures in Mesoamerica, it is a stone that the wisdom of shamans shamans, alchemists and magicians. He gives access to multi dimensions and helps you to travel between the worlds. It is a stone of balance which creates harmony and balance between yin and yang, consciously and unconsciously, intellect and intuition. It brings the divine feminine and masculine together and mixes spiritual and earthly vibrations.

Papagoiet is a very rare mineral on copper base with a rich blue color that occurs in quartz crystals from Messina, South Africa. Just like my Ajoiet from this is there currently no new crystals found anymore. Papagoiet activates and clears the chakras of the throat, the third eye and Crown chakras. It helps you to speak with love and clarity. Placed on the third eye you can experience a rapid improvement of your consciousness with a huge joy and serenity permeates your whole Auric field. You feel very and bigger than in normal consciousness.


This rare stone has a soft energy that emotional guidance and support. It softens the hardest heart, rips defense that has been built up in many years and the longer-the underlying issues. Pargasiet raises blockades in the emotional body and opens the heart chakras so you compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others can have. The stone helps fight low self-esteem. Pleas at psychosomatic disorders of the heart, throat and blood circulation. Also helpful in skin diseases.