This stone promotes a conscious reconciliation on the heart and the love frequency of creation. It encourages you to keep focused on your heart to your consciousness. It helps you to express joy that you really feel in your heart. The stone is perfect for a weak aura stronger and is an ideal protective stone, because he is the natural strength and resilience of the aura. He helps you to emotional attachment to judgment and to share everything in boxes. Very good for people who have to deal with grief, shock or emotional trauma. He is also a weakened heart by stress back more powerful.

Green Heulandite

This stone brings your consciousness from your head to your heart which gives you a much better access to energetic information you receive through your aura and you clear capabilities give you. Green Heulandite carries the frequency of compassion and love in itself and helps you to resentment, prejudice and sarcasm lost. Physical strengthens your physical heart and the electromagnetic force field of the body.


Source: Phenax-kristal