This powerful light bringer with a particular high vibration has its own story to tell. This crystal looks cracked out and that's because the first time is exposed to heat and then quickly cooled. This Crystal full of cracks, casts and inclusions contains numerous rain loops that greater awareness in you activate. As a carrier of cosmic fire is very inspiring and makes it easier to spiritual work. This kwartsen contain images of the tree of life, sacred geometry and shamanic medicine symbols. These symbols give advice with transformation. Fire and Ice quartz connects polarities and contain the full spectrum of consciousness.

Fire and Ice Quartz

In particular it is crystal connected to the heart chakra of the Andes. It makes all chakras clean, align them out and activates the soma-, souls star and Star Gate chakra. A Crystal for Lightworkers. It resonates with the left hand. Also harmonises the duality that dark energies with light surrounds. It carries the energy of Buddhist diamond healing and is connected to Raphael, the Archangel of healing. At healing from past lives it is strongly linked to the old Egypt and helps to solve the exactions of the era. Fire and Ice quartz contains pure love and the soul of life. Because the powerful resonates with the law of attraction to manifest is very well spiritually. It is a Crystal for a new beginning and profound growth because the old layers and the purpose of the soul on Earth.

It opens your 3rd eye which you can observe different time lines and in other realities and dimensions can see. It increases the frequency of other quartz crystals and acts as a battery for the grid of mother earth. When the energy reaches her heart he helps her by her transformation. Put the Crystal in a sunny spot during the day making it fully charged and visualize every night that the light to the heart of mother earth radiates. Fire and Ice will let you see the beauty of everything and helps you during business processes, he brings to light and helps to transform them lovingly. Also contains the bio scalar waves for multidimensional and intercellular healing on all levels. The Crystal stimulates your pineal gland, pituitary gland and the endocrine system. He activates the kundalini and purifies the body and all light bodies.


Source: Phenax-kristal

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