Gemstones E to H

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Gemstones, beautiful stone and crystals that mother Earth lets us discover. These help us to consciousness and health. Here you will find gemstones that begin with the letter E to H.

This is a soul quartz with a more prosaic vibration that is connected to the fairies world and with planetary and terrestrial Devas. They help you to unravel your family myths. Useful Crystal for the family, it creates peace in the family atmosphere, remove emotional pain, comfort children with nightmares. Is full of compassion and selfless and facilitates the transition to other of his States and the access to the higher consciousness. It allows for multidimensional healing, including non-incarnate parts of the soul. This sweet Crystal protects, purifies Elbert and intense and makes for a good rebirth. Great for protection of aura and environment, donates self-confidence and motivation. You will learn to go with the flow and detach of matter.

Fire and Ice Quartz

This powerful light bringer with a particular high vibration has its own story to tell. This crystal looks cracked out and that's because the first time is exposed to heat and then quickly cooled. This Crystal full of cracks, casts and inclusions contains numerous rain loops that greater awareness in you activate. As a carrier of cosmic fire is very inspiring and makes it easier to spiritual work. This kwartsen contain images of the tree of life, sacred geometry and shamanic medicine symbols. These symbols give advice with transformation. Fire and Ice quartz connects polarities and contain the full spectrum of consciousness.

Green Heulandite

This stone promotes a conscious reconciliation on the heart and the love frequency of creation. It encourages you to keep focused on your heart to your consciousness. It helps you to express joy that you really feel in your heart. The stone is perfect for a weak aura stronger and is an ideal protective stone, because he is the natural strength and resilience of the aura. He helps you to emotional attachment to judgment and to share everything in boxes. Very good for people who have to deal with grief, shock or emotional trauma. He is also a weakened heart by stress back more powerful.