Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.


Soul connection  

I started this day full enthusiasm. Just the feeling that I am on my own and able to work on my laptop gives me a wonderful feeling. Whilst I am writing this, I am in Riga (Latvia), where I was invited to hold a day presentation. I really like the city. I had never been here before, but a quiet evening walk into the town centre gave me the impression of a casual, peaceful atmosphere. It is an energy that appeals to me and I also needed to recharge myself a little. Riga is the last visit of my tour, which started in Russia through to the Baltic states, and the first week I hardly saw anything else but hotels, theatres and airports. Now I am used to busy schedules in this part of the world, the Russian people are known as hard workers,  and it is also part of travelling, although I can tell you that this time it was different than before. Not a moment did I experience pressure, because everything seemed to go according a natural plan. When I have to be there, I am utterly calm. When I don’t, I retract myself and do as I please. Everything is fine and nothing is too much, which is quite strange considering the planning and situations.

From human perspective I am inclined to say that something is not right. I have an energy that is not in sync with what is happening around me. I see sad faces, people struggling with stress and time limits, but I am not affected. Even at the airport I am not stepping up when I hear my plane is almost leaving, because there is no doubt in my mind I will catch my flight. At such moments I do think: shouldn’t I work harder? Am I fully committed? It sometimes makes me feel that I am lazy whereas, if you look at my activities, I work harder than ever before.

Am I doing enough?

A goodexample is the column. My loyal readers will immediately understand what I mean, because lately I have not been publishing a monthly column. It used to be a regular item I, every four weeks, but since this summer it didn’t feel right anymore. I felt a different kind of energy and inspiration could no longer be captured within a timeline. Against better judgment I sat in front of my computer screen at the beginning of September, but after hours of struggling without producing a sensible story, I decided to let it go. Next month perhaps. And so I let go of writing a column here and there, supposedly because it did not flow or because I had no time for it. In the meantime I continued to be stuck with the question: am I doing enough?

Now I am sitting here with my computer on my lap. Now and then I look through the window and let my thoughts travel, until I receive inspiration and continue to write. Beforehand I had decided I would not start a column during this hectic tour and yet suddenly I feel like starting to write. Words just flow and it really is exhilarating. How is it possible that with a chronic sleep deprivation and a tight full schedule, sessions and presentations, I still have so much energy left? It takes me back to my words at the beginning of the season in September. I told my team, “we have to really push ourselves to the limit since we have some very busy months ahead. “ One month and ten workshops later I do not understand what I was worrying about. I am still standing, just as fresh and sharp and there seems to be no end to the fun.  

Suffering as a means of growth

Alright. So far my experience of the past month, characterisedby the contrast of hard work without effort. It is exactly the theme of this month’s column, because this morning I received an insight why I tend to condemn myself for something that actually feels good. Why do I attach the energy of freedom to being 'lazy'? Like many others I have been raised with the idea that nothing comes without a price. It is an old conviction that keeps coming back whenever I am not in touch with my feelings. You have to work hard for it, sacrifice things for it, pain for suffering, make concessions. Others make you believe that the growth process towards freedom has to be by suffering.  This is so deeply rooted in me that I almost feel guilty for everything that comes effortlessly, as if I do not deserve it fully without there being obstructions. It would mean that I would enjoy my efforts in Russia more if I was exhausted after my trip, but I am not. I feel good and in balance, as if nothing can touch me.

Up until today I didn’t understand why it felt this way, but now I think about it, it is completely in sync with the process we all are currently going through. We are growing from the desire for inner freedom towards a natural state of 'Being', and as you have been able to read already, this sometimes feels a little awkward for me, especially when I meet people that are willing to work very hard for something that I feel doesn’t need that much effort. It is the conviction that one has to meet  some kind of standard or level to deserve something. Pure illusion if you ask me.

I received a real nice confirmation last week. For a while now I have been feeling that more and more people are thinking about the 2012 prophecy. I often get asked about this as well, also during my tours abroad. In Moscow it was no different, because many wanted to know what is going to happen on 21 December. The way these questions were posed indicated that there is fear amongst people. There even was someone asking if there would still be electricity that day. That is how far it goes. People experience some kind of uncertainty in which they unconsciously count on a negative outcome. Which makes me wonder why. I certainly believe we are heading for an important time, the most special time in our evolution, and that together we will grow towards a higher consciousness. It is just that persistent belief that is turning things upside down – suffering as a means of growth.  We have to work hard for it, overcome pain and setbacks, otherwise it feels as if we are not worth the consciousness. I would prefer to say that we have suffered enough in our lives and the we now get to 'Be' nice and 'lazy'.  

Natural Being

When I think back of Moscow, I secretly have to smile. As soon as I mentioned 2012 I could hear the whispering, even though I am not letting on that together we create what is going to happen. It also stirs up some kind of naughtiness inside of me. I have considered for example to give a signal (with the right intention of course). In my imagination I posted a special action on my website with the text:

'Receive a free stamp with every purchase of a Janosh product. Don’t miss out, because a full card will ensure a safe transition into the new time!'

Of course I would never do this in real life, but by looking at it with a sense of humor it is easier to take distance from it. You then won’t join in the mass hysteria, but keep feeling pure. Still, the 2012 prophecy remains a popular subject and that is only logical. It just has nothing to do with how I wish to inspire people. As I have experienced myself, growing towards love and freedom is not depending on just one date in the future.  Every day you get to choose, every moment you have the possibility to get in touch with your strength. You don’t need a miracle. The miracle is in you and you only find it when you fully accept who you are.

To those who like to philosophiseI can only say that I absolutely believe in a turning point. We are starting a new cycle, but I also feel that the speed of our transformation cannot be predicted, because it depends on everything. It is a fact that we are becoming more sensitive, that our power to create is increasing and that we see and experience more and more. Together we are growing towards a “Natural Being” and the only information we need, is information about ourselves. The questions you can ask yourself are simple: Where do I stand? What do I want? How do I want to get there? What do I need in order to achieve this? These questions will lead you in the direction of what your choices are based on. Step by step you will find out which intention is right and which isn’t. Are you operating out of fear, beliefs, insecurities or from a deeper longing? Take on every challenge to get closer to your Being, because you are underway to the freedom to live from the heart.

The difference between knowing and feeling

I can go on for a while, but there is a major difference between knowing and feeling. I can tell you many times you need to start to believe in yourself, that your soul has all the knowledge inside itself, but one experience sometimes speaks louder than one thousand words. This is why I wish to share something that touched me personally. It is an example of how strong the purity of a soul can be. During this tour in Russia I had an unusual conversation with a woman who had her young son with her. She told me about the problems she was experiencing regarding his physical health and she wanted to hear from me what she could do about it. It was a problem to her because it took a lot of energy to take care of her son.

I hardly ever work with young children, so I indicated that it was difficult for me to answer her directly, but she asked if I could look into his eyes. I consented in the end and ten minutes later I was back in my room with tears in my eyes. Without exchanging one word with the boy, he told me:

The boy: "Your soul is telling me I can heal myself."

Me: "Do you think you can?"

The boy: "Yes, when the time is right."

After what I picked up from his mother, I knew exactly what he meant. He wanted to experience her unconditional love before he made the choice to heal himself. She had to accept him just the way he was, including his physical problems. Only then would he make the choice to become healthy. I have two beautiful children myself, so you can imagine how deeply I was touched by this little boy. But that wasn’t the only thing. I felt the power of his soul, which spoke to me like a master. It was a confirmation of what I already knew; our souls are here to touch each other. We mirror each other the truth and help each other, willingly or unwillingly, to find the right path. I had never expected a four year old to make me feel this way and I count myself lucky that he gave me this experience. Because as I said before, there is a difference between knowing and feeling.

When I think back, the emotions are coming back as well. A four year old boy that feels what real love is. One can’t help but wonder; what is stopping us from feeling the same? Whyhave we connected something magical like unconditional love to knowledge? There is nothing to learn or to achieve, because all you have to do is to be who you are. It is so great, só liberating! Just showing your love; that is impossible to learn isn’t it? We all know how it feels, only we often experience fear. However, do not be afraid to get hurt. If someone else can’t accept you or rejects you, it is a shame, but don’t make a big deal out of it. Rejection means that the other person isn’t ready to receive your love yet. He or she is still opposing to something that doesn’t feel quite safe yet, where they feel resistance of a link to painful experiences. Be in peace with the situation and feel compassion for the people who are struggling with their feelings. They will get there as well... when the time is right.

Soul connection

Let me share a bird’s-eye view. Most people are focusing on 21 December, whereas I feel it is much more interesting to focus on the time thereafter. Whatever lies behind us, was just meant for us to experience one side of duality. Which makes me think about someone who once asked me; how do you explain water to a fish?  Simply by putting the fish on dry land. From that thought it can’t be any other way that we are on our way to love and unity. We know the feeling of loneliness through and through. Now is the time to complete the picture, to experience the other side of our process. You will have to take a leap by recreating your reality. I admit: it can be scary. What used to feel so comfortable, won’t be reality for much longer.

This will be confusing to many. My guide Saïe has told me once that fear and pain will increase, because the soul is being pulled into a vacuum, which the body needs to adjust to. This causes headaches, more stress, physical complaints and emotional fluctuations. Compare it with the fish. Throw a fish into the water, it will have to adjust to the temperature first before it settles. That how it works for us as well. The new frequencies start up at unconscious level and it takes some time before we get used to it. Besides, love is a feeling that wants to flow from the inside out. It is the reason why everything we attract from the outside, gets rejected straight away. That is something I experience myself more and more. Different people cross my path, wanting to offer me something mostly because they feel something they think they miss themselves. In the past I have often engaged, only to be disappointed later on.

I have often wondered why. This is also an area I have been “lazy” about, in keeping in touch with people. For instance, when someone makes a proposal or an offer, I forget to follow up unconsciously. Then I start to receive urgent phone calls or text messages, requesting me to contact them urgently. I am not susceptible to this at all. For a long time I didn’t understand why I was so lax about this. I often condemned myself for it, but now I see the pattern.  It is no longer me, but my soul who decides to make contact, which is only possible via a heart connection.  If something is not right, when frequencies are not touching, resistance will rise to prevent love to flow and the connection will be broken automatically. You could say we are heading for a direction where verbal expression will be subordinate to a new form of communication. I like to call it: soul connection.

The same occurs the other way round. Sometimes I meet someone I don’t see a business connection with but who gives me a warm feeling. That is how I met my right hand Benjamin, and for this reason I invited him to be part of my project. In first instance my intention was a cooperation until I realisedthis wasn’t about a business deal, but about a heart connection. Now we travel the world together and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. In my own team I also realise that working together is not possible without a deeper contact. We have to feel it together, otherwise we are rejecting each other. The same thing goes for my managers in Russia, the translator next to me on stage, the driver that looks after us taking us from A to B and even the lady who is in charge of the coffees. Everywhere I am I sense whether love is flowing or not.  It is important for me, not because I want to, but simply because there is no other way.

Mirror or counterpart

It is important in the time ahead that we become aware of how important this soul connection is. It can only exist when you let go of everything, all of your programs and beliefs. Literally everything that keeps you away from your feelings, so that you can clearly see who is ready for your love and who isn’t. If you suddenly do things out of the ordinary, if you pull back or go for a confrontation instead, you know enough. I believe we are all connected with each other, but only our frequency determines whether we see the other as a mirror or counterpart. From a longing we all share, the frequencies will become attuned to each other and we will create unity by connecting with each other.

On December 22 the process will start and if you don’t become distracted by the made up drama, you will find that we are not so different from each other as may seem from the outside. Every person wants freedom, which is what we can give each other when we let our soul come out. Only then we can start connecting and be in peace with each other. Therefore, don’t fight what has already been started. Don’t start looking for answers that aren’t there. Even when you head for the familiar pitfall, it doesn’t matter. It is about taking every lesson to get closer to true Being. Reward yourself when you cross the line and stimulate yourself to face new challenges. Share your dreams, say hello to a stranger in the street, hug someone instead of shaking hands and be tough when you need to tell someone the truth, don’t deprive that soul from a chance to grow. You are a pioneer, so make sure you remain a pioneer. Do not become a loner by secluding yourself from others, that is of no use to anyone.

Countdown with a bit of a nod  

I am utterly convinced that we have the power to create a better future. Fortunately I often get to witness the unity that arises  during my presentations in theatres. That is like heaven to me and I can really enjoy what we are heading for together.  But I also enjoy every moment behind the scenes and I hope to inspire you to attract the same delight. Do not be put off when someone else rejects you, because it means no more and no less than two souls who don’t vibrate at the same frequency. We see the person, we hear their words, but nothing is as it seems. At an unconscious level, there is a lot more happening, so communicate with love and respect. Do not punish yourself for the mistakes you make. The ultimate state of Being is a feeling you slowly need to become attached to.

Countdown to December 21… or, no: 22 December! I will be in Moscow then, but in the fall I hope to see you during our Finale (see Agenda). It really doesn’t matter which date we are choosing. Our turning point is when we decide our turning point is, knowing that love is here at any given time. Let us countdown with a bit of a nod, until the mass will realise what we already feel: there is nothing to wait for, because together we are the change we are so longing for. From Riga I say “ardievas” and I wish you a wonderful time.  

A soul on a journey is asking the heart for directions.

Heart to heart,




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