Transcending the illusions and the suffering occurring If we wish to look it in the eye or not A fact that lives is that we as a unity are still creating and feeling sorrow Illusions of wandering in the dark, living up to painful conceptions. Many of us are here as the pioneers of love and light. We as whole are going through the veils. This process is very intense, but we have the choice dear brethren.To dance or tobow before the weight.  It’s very simple, yet very intricate. The movement and changing of energy. Energy is, and we choose what we use it for All can be used for feeding. What is the choice Sorrow or joy. In the heart we feel the same Each of us takes care of certain aspects of transformation and mastery


Danny Theunissen

You can see, that all of us are a beautiful specific aspect of life, of creation. Each is a specialist in its field of work We have already grown very strong and courageous If we could see, dear loved ones We have already shown a lot of devotion, and moved an immense amount of change The will and devotion has brought us at the doorstep of love and compassion

Through the wonderful work, we, as a whole are doing The universe is gifting us with infinite blessings We, the rainbow birds are standing tall, Ever more devoted and dedicated to the paradise of now In truth the vibration of shame, fear, guilt and pain are dancing in our field But so determent we are to bring love, peace and compassion We choose to openly feel and choose a new We as the gate openers, birth and nurture the rise of our origin  In this moment of grace, I pray to you dear family To remember well, that love is always there Always embracing us with loving kindness Myriads of shining angels and spirits, are dancing courage into our heart Feel it, open to it, experience that we are doing it

We are progressing Be at ease and surrender, this moment that is so unique So grand and mysterious This is the birth of the new humankind, the new earth  And be aware masters of love, that we are doing this together as a family So please remember to smile J  Love, support, peace and delight Brothers and sisters Let us dance together this mysterious life 

In deep connection and a brilliant inner smile

Love, Danny-El


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