Many people are looking for their fairy tale soulmate relationship, thinking that their world will be ‘happily ever after’ once they meet—but meeting is just the start of their journey together. Soulmates bring truth to relationships, for they have a magnetic bond between them that demonstrates the truth of who they are to each other; the habitual patterns programmed into them as children cannot continue to stand up to that truth. To break through, soulmates must love the other more than the pain of their wounding and patterns, not to submit to the other’s will, but to neutralize the lies that are preventing a life of unity together.

Aline en Nathan

The truth may be painful, but the love for the truth of who they are to each other can grant them more than enough motivation to push through to their fairy tale life. The fairy tale is nothing less than a full united flow of absolute truth together, and any compromise between them is just another lie.

Soulmate relationships are here to show humanity the lie of their separateness, and to shine light upon the lies that are told to support that division; for there is a certain vibration of truth between two soulmates that makes the lies too painful to ignore. The truth of who each is to the other is not able to be suppressed enough to allow the egoic framework of lies to go unnoticed, their magnetic bond simply will not support it. With soulmates, the pain of the lie finally outweighs the pain of the truth, which will ultimately end their suffering.

Put another way, 3rd density relationships are built upon a foundation of lies, but soulmates can’t hide the truth of who they are to each other; causing the pain of society’s lies to finally outweigh the pain of hearing the truth. Soulmate relationships are restoring truth to our world.

Soulmates are not only romantic, they can also be family and friends, but to get closer to a romantic soulmate, a person must be at a certain vibration emotionally to be able to handle them.  They must elevate their own internal tolerance for truth, to scrub out the gunk inside of them to prepare…then they can pull one in! Simply seeing all of the lies outside and demanding the truth cannot make up for the active process of clearing the internal lies that still abound.

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer


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