A lot of people, especially in spiritual circles, talk a lot about the light, bringing back the light, or even the light gaining victory over the dark. In my opinion, the concepts of light and dark are not understood, because of the third invisible component that is always there but never seen until it is time to unite again. This third component is the component of manipulation from the ‘outside’. An opportunity for manipulation can only exist when total union is broken, so there is a vacuum for manipulation to occur. When there is total oneness and complete cooperation between all components within that oneness, manipulation from outside sources cannot even exist.

So looking at the concepts of light and dark, you can say that the light is the unmanifested world, being the space of infinite possibilities to manifest, while the darkness is the manifested/material world. It is through a union of these two worlds that all things are created, so with every ‘new’ manifestation you have a merging, similar if not exactly like a sexual merger, in which the unmanifested meets the manifested world and brings forth a new creation.

 These concepts of light and dark are existing in both masculine and feminine energies, although the two sexes converse with light and dark in a different way. The feminine energy is the being power and will receive from the unmanifested world inspiration for her being, and give it in creation to the manifested world. This is why the feminine is the one carrying the creation in the womb (this applies for actual physical babies but also for other material creations). She will nurture the creation with the inspiration from Divine Source, which is Light. The masculine energy is the doing power and will receive his actions from the physical world, and through his actions will give to the unmanifested world (his seed to create material manifestation), this grounding is the dark. When both are in total connection and communication, everything that is in God’s mind (aka the unity being made up by these specific masculine and feminine energies) will be manifested effortlessly.

.A Divine creation has to have both material and unmanifested energies together to be Divine in nature, and all other so called creations are not really creations, but rather MANIPULATIONS and PERVERSIONS of creation. So why can a manipulation from outside the original creator’s universe come into this creator’s universe and pervert His creation? In my opinion, this is only possible because this particular creator left an opening for other energies to come into His world by opening His union to a certain degree — opened the gate to his universe so that others could come in and ‘play’.

In our understanding, it is the material world that can be manipulated, because there is a disconnect between the masculine and feminine energies in the material plane — the ‘dark plane’. The dark that we refer to is just a way of explaining the manifested world, and in order for something to manifest as a singular thing, light has to be subtracted so that the light of ‘all things and all possibilities’ contracts to a single, specific thing that the creator chooses to manifest. Every manifested thing has a ‘light signature’, which is a specific unique signature born from the ultimate source of light.

The experiences we have in duality, and the judgement we have against the dark, is because we confuse the dark with the manipulation that happens by energies outside of our own “garden of Eden / Heaven”, which are not our darkness, but manipulating the energy signatures of our creations after manifestation. These energies are beings who are cut off from the light source that is “All that Is”, “Source”, or “God”, and therefore they don’t have the capacity to create ‘new’ things. In fact, they do not even understand how this works, the only thing they are masters in is manipulating our creation after the initial creation happened, and in so doing, they are trying to get total domination over our world so that they can rule over us and feed themselves with our creational power. They are in fact parasitic leeches, feeding off of our energies and trying to create a ‘union’ between them and us, in where we are the ones creating but they are the ones ruling over and manipulating these creations to fit their own needs. Whenever there is a supposed ‘union of three’ you can see that these energies are there trying to become a part of Divine union which is ‘the Two becoming the One.’

The third component in this ‘union’ is the one that is polluting the creations with its manipulations and therefore this component is hated by the feminine being in the original creator who has to constantly fight and resist this third component. We call this third component the serpent and it is the one that will come in as a mistress or seductress, someone who will harm her children and the home she has created with her masculine. The masculine may be ‘inspired’ by his feminine to fight this unseen force running through their lives, but if he is not, his feminine will get angry at him for being seduced by the serpent, which will cause tension between the two that will uphold the separation needed for the manipulation to continue.

The third energy that manipulates is not able to manifest form in this dimension without some kind of a merger with a feminine of our dimension, and this is done through manipulation of the lower chakra’s and the false third chakra. The story of Lilith demonstrates this fragmentation, where she leaves Adam and sleeps with Samael, an extra-dimensional being that is not from our creation. In truth, this happens every moment a feminine connects with a masculine that is not her own, she plays the third energy between the two.

Sex and all sex related things are hugely manipulated because of the creational potential that is Divine Sexual Union between the masculine and feminine. There has to be a constant third party involved to keep the necessary vacuum going. This is why men have the desire for two women, without knowing it they desire their own woman for the creation and get manipulated to desire the other so that the creation can be polluted and leached. This other woman is portrayed as a passionate sex doll (seen in all sizes and flavors in our society) that will seduce the man, receive the creation that was made by the real woman and ‘pollute’ or ‘pervert’ this.

Because this third energy is not really a physical woman, it is never really ‘safe’ for the feminine that is trying to fight and overcome this external force. The energy has many different vessels through which it travels, and getting men to fantasize about women besides their own (for example porn, or just sexy ads and commercials) is enough for the separation to exist and the manipulation to perpetuate. On the other hand, it also manipulates the man into thinking that he is not free by showing him all that he is supposedly missing. The freedom and safety wounds are created and perpetuated in this way.

Instead of ‘fighting the dark’, we just need to remember how this all started and then close the gate to our heaven, to all beings that are not part of our internal family. As long as we are fighting, we are tricked into engaging with this energy, and it will continue manipulating our lives; dominance and submissiveness will rule all and the fight will never end. The real masculine and feminine are NOT playing the dominant/submission game, this is something that this third energy brought to our Garden of Eden.

It was a very big experiment that is now coming to an end as the Divine Union is returning to this dimension, making Heaven on Earth once again, wherein there will be infinite possibilities to create and no reason to manipulate or drain others of their creations. The energies that got ‘trapped’ in this experiment are energies that lost their connection to source creator, and it is time for them to connect back to Divine Source, or be contained without further harming other worlds and dimensions.

~Aline Van Meer


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