Steve & Barbara Rother

In 1995 was Steve Rother satisfied with his life as a contractor with whom he could provide the livelihood of his family. On new year's Eve 1995 he and Barbara decided to spend this evening once different. They participated in a workshop to let go of the old and a good resolution for the new year. On new year's morning one would then confirm this by means of a ceremony. During this ceremony Steve heard himself say: "I choose to be a lightworker" he knew when itself not what this meant but got there reply later on. Together with a group of people he decided to write meditations to heal mother earth. During that writing he realized he got help and started contacts with the entities that accompanied him. These meditations were the first beacons of light. As the contact with the Group was better, also groceries at with the goal of self-empowerment of the individual and to strengthen the property through discernment to choices. The messages are based on the fact that life on this planet can be seen as a big game.


Greetings from Home. The Clearing of the Veil. Such a joy, this day. This day is so special because, dear ones, this is the now moment in all dimensions. This is the beautiful part of what we will share with you today as we take you through this journey. You see, dear ones, there are things taking place on your planet now which are very exciting to you because you are starting to understand your own reality and use it positively to create everything that you wish to create from this point forward. So, you are in the now moment at the present. That is perfect because only from there you can access positive, negative, past, future and all the rest of it to really ground yourself in the moment.


Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time. I am here this day to share with you what is happening on this magical planet of yours. You are changing everything every moment and it is so magical to see. As we have mentioned, all of this comes in a wave that also recedes. Many of your difficulties occur on the wave of the energy as it comes in. Fortunately it never recedes completely like the oceans do, but somehow always manages to go a little further every time the waves come in. This is part of the new physics that will begin to make sense as you start to understand what dark energy is all about. You are right on the verge of uncovering more of your understanding about the world around you, and all of its many dimensional levels. Dear ones, there are some magical things taking place on Earth.

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. You Are in the Right Place I am not going to give you the whole lesson today and in a moment I am going to turn it over to my brother, eM. First I want to tell you about this because he is actually going to be talking about a subject which is my responsibility and my area of expertise. I know that you are all waiting to talk to him, so I have no problem with letting him come forward and bring the message in today. We are telling you this for a lot of different reasons because all of you out there have your little egos, your sense of self, and your own personal message.

The beacons of light meditations are the monthly messages of the group that through Steve Rother. This monthly meditation started in the New Age section of America Online and is already in more than 120 countries read. The Group offers information for our own individual discernment at remembering our true capabilities. When these capabilities be remembered we can use them to create at home on this side of the veil. The Group provides us with tools to check out these capabilities within the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. The Group makes this information accessible for your own discernment and individual self-empowerment.

Greetings, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. Heaven Is Not Up Above the Clouds, It’s Everywhere Today I get to tell you about something new, but before I do I want to take you Home for just a moment. I sit here, the place that you call Home. You know, humans think that heaven is up above the clouds and it is a funny thing for us because heaven is really everywhere…it is all the places that you are not…all of them, together. When you come to your Earth you are a little tiny baby, and you have to be carried, nurtured and held.